This year we’re beginning to move a lot of our operations to the TeachKloud service. This app based platform will hopefully relieve us of mountains of paperwork meaning we get more time to teach the children and create fun experiences, and it will give us a better connection to parents via the Parent’s App.

As explained in emails and at our Parent’s Information Evening we’re starting small and adding in aspects of the service as we move along. When you sign up from the link you’ll receive via email you’ll see your child’s profile and if and when any changes of clothes are needed, or accidents happen, you’ll receive notification of a digital form to sign with details of what has occurred.

Everyone has enrolled by paper this year so that section you won’t need to worry about, and we’ll add all of our policies, some 100 pages of them 😳, Risk Assessments, and other features as we move forward. Invoices for billing will also appear in TeachKloud.

There may be a few kinks to iron out but hopefully everything goes as smoothly as possible. The video below will help guide you through downloading and signing up to the Parent’s App when your invite arrives. Any queries or problems do please get in touch.