It was the last week of our space theme and we packed in as many activities at light speed that we could. We were out and about as usual this time on a planet hunt that took us from the warmth of the Sun β˜€οΈ to the chilly depths of the Kuiper Belt β˜„οΈ. We also had a go at being an orrery orbiting each other, which is a lot more difficult than it seems 🌍πŸͺπŸ˜„.

We ended the week with a visit from our friend and astronomer Dr Rok Nežič from Armagh Observatory & Planetarium. He brought along his mobile planetarium for everyone to enjoy a special journey to the stars, and some meteorites that have made their long journey through the solar system. We also brought our friends from Greyabbey Primary School down to enjoy the experience, and a huge thank you to Rok for a brilliant day! ✨

Finally after a FaceTime call to Robbie Robot πŸ€– on the surface of Mars, he finally returned from his mission bringing us martian ice, which we discovered is very different to regular ice 🧊. That gave us a chance for some experiments about solids, liquids, and gases and use them to launch our very own rocket into the sky πŸš€.

A new month means a new theme on Monday, it should be an easy one to guess πŸŽ„πŸ˜Š.