We’re back into the swing of things after half-term and it was an action packed week. Fairy Tales are our topic and we’ve been learning the ways of the Force in deep space stories, and started getting ready to time travel to the middle-ages for some tales of knights, princesses, wizards and creatures that make classic stories still popular hundreds of years later 📖.

We also rounded off our Chinese New Year 🐉 celebrations this week with a some brilliant storytelling and performing from our friends at Artsekta. Seamas, Stella and John told tales of lion dancing that are a huge part of celebrations and we even got to meet one up close. A big thank you to them all for a great morning.

As the week ended we started to get ready for knight training next week, helmets, swords and lances at the ready we’ve got witches and warlocks to battle ⚔️🛡️!

See everyone on Monday! 🌲😊